Feels bad man SYF is in one week.

Keep feeling like I’m not ready for it yet; some of my running notes and low notes for Symphonic Overture I can’t even play.  SYF has been messing with my sleep schedule too. I sleep no more than 4 hours a day now. I honestly can’t survive any more and I want to pon altogether. Then when I want to my section mates’ faces always pop up in my head, every single time, stopping me from ponning, pleading me to join them for the day’s practice. Especially Elains (anagram)

It’s not that we’re in a relationship or anything, yet I know we’re not just friends. It’s in that strange area to me. I’ve trained her in the saxophone for about three years now and we’ve bonded over it. I’ve seen her grow from a timid, shy girl to a spiritually strong, independent one. I don’t really know where I’d be in the section without her and yes, I am thankful for it even though I may not show it most of the time. Which is something I’ve always tried very hard to do, express myself through words to other people. It’s not easy to gain my trust and for me to subsequently pour out lots of stuff to you.

1 more week with the band, the section and Elains.

Anyways. Got lots of homework and things to do.

School is killing me.