Got the chance to watch this last night. Haven’t seen it in a long time so being able to see it again and remember everything I liked about Man of Steel was a huge bit of fun.

The movie is basically about farmboy Clark Kent and his emotional journey towards becoming Superman. The film jumps back and forth between time periods and as such makes for a very interestingly-told movie, being able to save key events in Clark’s life for the second and third acts no matter his age. Not being bound to chronological order makes Man of Steel a far more interesting movie than it should have been.

Henry Cavill kicks so much ass as Superman. He suits the role just fine and wasn’t bad in it, but I wanted a little bit more from his character emotionally. However he really sold the physical aspects of Superman. He’s fit, he’s powerful and he is slave to no one. Part of what sells this new Superman is also the visual effects, which are just fine as well. However towards the third act, the film relies on too much CGI for its climax. I’m all for a lengthy battle between Zod and Superman, but at least make it look realistic. I wasn’t sold on their final flight battle at all and it looked unbelievable and just awful. The rest of the CGI in this movie though is, for the most part, top notch.

All the supporting cast do fine. Amy Adams is great as Lois Lane, mostly playing the audience; when Lois is told something, it’s actually exposition being delivered to the audience. But she was okay. Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Harry Lennix and Lawrence Fishburne all give great performances. But the standout show stealer is Michael Shannon’s Zod. He was scary, he was violent and above all his motivations for doing what he was doing were completely believable. I loved Zod in this movie and it’s by far one of my favourite things about Man of Steel.

Director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer have done a mostly great job translating the story of Superman to the big screen once again for a whole new generation. The story flows smoothly even with all the time jumps. Hans Zimmer’s score weighs down this movie and provides a memorable theme for the character, a worthy follow up to John Williams’ original.

All in all, Man of Steel is a great retelling of the Superman story, a fun action blockbuster, and a firm-footed first step for the DC Cinematic Universe.