So apparently Marvel Studios decided to make up for that shitty Spider-Man Homecoming trailer by giving us an awesome first look at Thor: Ragnarok.

The trailer starts out pretty intense. Hela (a badass looking Cate Blanchett) breaks hammer Mjolnir even before the Marvel Studios logo. Stakes? Loads. Hela then proceeds to seemingly wipe out Asgard itself. If this happens in the movie, it will truly live up to its apocalyptic name. Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor apparently gets himself captured while on the run and finds himself in the custody of the Grandmaster (a colourful Jeff Goldblum) and Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson of Creed fame. Sentenced to a Gladiator-style arena, Thor finds himself physically pitted against his former Avenger teammate, Mark Ruffalo himself, the Incredible Hulk. 

Where to even start?

This movie looks like a different take on the Thor character than previous films, and I didn’t know what to feel about that before this trailer. I was okay with the first Thor and thought it was a decent movie. I loved The Dark World and thought it was a step in the right direction for the Thor character. So, why not stay on that course instead of giving us what seems to be a different angle of making a Thor movie? However, this trailer is making me optimistic.

It seems Marvel is starting to treat all its cosmic and space adventures with a very retro vibe, and this trailer is no exception. Guardians Volumes 1 and 2 both harken back to the 70’s with their song choices and general feel, but what about Ragnarok? I’m curious as to the actual tone of the movie, since I don’t expect them to play 70’s songs throughout a movie about the end of the world.

Overall I’m excited for Ragnarok, as I am for every Marvel movie. Hopefully it’s a fresh take on the Thor franchise and an excellent one at that.